Dental services price list

Dental hygiene

Complete oral hygiene 70 EUR
Dental hygiene, if performed at least once a year 65 EUR
Dental hygiene, remove tartar without the need for 30 min 35 EUR
Treatment of teeth only with "Air Flow" soda jet 35 EUR
Orthodontic hygiene (including removal of braces) 80 EUR
Tooth ornament with Swarovski crystals 35 EUR
Tooth jewelry removal 10 EUR
Treatment of teeth with Tiefenfluoride (both jaws) 35 EUR
Treatment of teeth with Tiefenfluoride (one jaw) 20 EUR
Treatment of teeth with Tiefenfluoride 1 tooth 5 EUR
F laka vai Tifenfl. 1 zobam kā atsevišķa procedūra 8 EUR
Treatment of teeth with I Con 1 tooth 50 EUR
Each subsequent tooth in the same session 20 EUR
Sealant for 1 tooth valsts finansējums
Each subsequent tooth in the same session valsts finansējums
Professional dental hygiene for children up to the age of 5 30 EUR
Professional dental hygiene for children from 6 to 10 years 35 EUR
Professional dental hygiene for children aged 11-14 40 EUR
Professional dental hygiene for children aged 15-17 50 EUR

* For children, dental hygiene is paid visit if it is an extra visit, that is more often than provided for by state funding.

Dental treatment

Anesthesia (injection) 10 EUR
Surface anesthesia with gel 3 EUR
Filling with composite
                                               One surface 70 EUR
                                               Two surfaces 80 EUR
                                               Three surfaces 90 EUR
Restoration of the entire tooth crown 110 EUR
Sealing with glass ionomer 70 EUR
Cavity creation and temporary filling 60 EUR
Aesthetic tooth restoration 130 EUR
Amalgam filling 50-80 EUR
Putting on a cofferdam 10 EUR


Successful digital x-ray of 1 tooth 10 EUR
                                                                 Each next 5 EUR
3D X-ray for one jaw 50 EUR
3D X-ray for one tooth 30 EUR
3D X-ray for both jaws 80 EUR
Panoramic slice of the upper jaw and lower jaw - orthopantomogram (OPG) 30 EUR
Recording in flash memory 5 EUR

Surgical tooth extractions

Single root tooth extraction no 60 EUR
Multiple tooth extraction no 80-120 EUR
Extraction of the eighth tooth no 130-250 EUR
Retained tooth extraction 250 EUR
Extraction of a moving tooth 50 EUR
Incision and drainage 40 EUR
Alveolitis treatment 50 EUR
Removal of stitches (not ours) 10 EUR
Cutting the gum hood of the 8th tooth 50 EUR
Medical treatment of gum pockets, curettage 40 EUR
Stopping bleeding as the only work 50 EUR


Insertion of STRAUMANN SLA Active system implant 875 EUR
Gum shaper 70 EUR
Bone augmentation no 500-800 EUR
Prosthetics on an implant
                                      Metal-ceramic crown with abutment 650 EUR
                                      Zirconium crown with abutment 850 EUR

Endodontics (Treatment of root canals)

The cost of dental endodontic treatment is determined by the number and anatomy of the root canals, the number of sessions, the existing filling and the type of restoration. The possibility of retreatment is evaluated individually!


Single canal tooth (includes cleaning, filling and temporary filling) no  300-400 EUR
  Two-channel tooth (includes cleaning, filling and temporary filling) no 400-500 EUR
  Three canal tooth (includes cleaning, filling and temporary filling) no 500-600 EUR
Atkarībā no sakņu un seansu skaita no 400-650 EUR
Tapas, pildījuma izņemšana 100 EUR
Mikroskopa izmantošana 100 eiro

Dental prostheses

Alginate impression 20 EUR
Individual spoon 40 EUR
Making a diagnostic face 30 EUR
Fixed prostheses Temporary plastic crown (made in the office) 1-2 units. Price for each. 35 EUR
                                                                          Starting from 3 units 70 EUR
                                                                          for each subsequent one 10 EUR
Plastic crown (made in a laboratory) 80 EUR
Metal composite crown 170 EUR
Metal ceramic crown 350 EUR
Metal crown cast 150 EUR
Pressed ceramic crown, ceramic crown Emax 370 EUR
Zirconia crown 500 EUR
Crown removal 20 EUR
Bridge removal 30 EUR
Porcelain inlay/onlay from 300 EUR
Composite online from 150 EUR
Root inlays from 120 EUR
Opaque coating for inlay 40 EUR
Meryland metal composite bridge 300 EUR
Ceramic plate - veneers 600 EUR
Crown cementation (depending on the material) 20-50 EUR
Fiberglass pin 25 EUR
Removable prostheses (for the 1st jaw)
1-2 teeth plate 170 EUR
Partial dentures from 3z 350 EUR
Total prosthesis 370 EUR
Metal strainer 50 EUR
Arched prostheses from 500 EUR
Arc prosthesis with Deflex clamp from 700 EUR
1 z flexible plate Deflex 330 EUR
Partial Deflex plate 450 EUR
Plate repair
Overlaying the plate 70 EUR
Repairs of dentures 50 EUR
Boiling of one tooth 50 EUR
Boiling the clamp 50 EUR

Teeth whitening

Paul's office 150/130 EUR
Teeth whitening with Paul's tombs (home) 150 EUR
Teeth whitening with Zoom in the office + hygiene 350/250 EUR
Zoom cabinet+zoom dental tombs+hygiene 450 EUR
Zoom dental tomb kit for home use 170 EUR
Pola light set 6% 100 EUR
Polar gel 1.3g 16% 15 EUR
Polar gel 3gr 16% 25 EUR
Zoom gel 16% Night set 3 pcs 60 EUR
                                            6% Day 6 piece set 70 EUR

Dental tombs

Sports tombs 80 EUR
Night tomb (soft) 60 EUR
Night grave (solid) 120 EUR
Whitening tomb for one jaw 50 EUR
Whitening tomb for both jaws 100 EUR

Additional manipulations

Consultation with a dentist 30-40 EUR (Establishment of status, in-depth evaluation of dental condition, offering solutions, evaluation of general oral health condition, recommendations)


Consultation with a dental hygienist 30 EUR (examination of the general health of the mouth, recommendations, consultations on teeth whitening, dental tombs, dental jewels and other oral health issues)


Patient visit fee 10 EUR (administrative provision)


Drawing up a treatment plan - 70 EUR (Includes a consultation, a 2D OPG X-ray and an A4 extract with the prices for the tooth that needs treatment and the approximate number of planned visits needed to perform the manipulations.

Important information

State-paid dental repair and dental hygiene for children up to 18 years of age is available once a year. 7,11,12 years 2 x at the respective age.

The indicated prices are to be considered informative and may change depending on the need for individual treatment procedures.