Dental tombs

Dental tombs are individually made for each patient's row of teeth

We offer to make different types of dental tombs

– bleaching tombs;
– night tombs;
– sports cemetery.


Night caps and guard caps protect your teeth from mechanical damage. To prevent tooth wear, you need to use a night guard that protects your teeth from grinding or bruxism. Teeth grinding mostly happens unconsciously by moving the jaws while the person is in a deep state of sleep. Tooth wear occurs during periods of stress, when people grind their teeth in their sleep. Bruxism can cause very serious damage and contraindications, such as tooth, head, muscle and joint pain.


Whitening trays will help you get whiter teeth at home. Tombs are individually made for each patient's row of teeth. Thus, they distribute the load evenly and fit the teeth perfectly. Tombs are made of biopolymer without causing allergic reactions. Initially, tombs may cause discomfort, but within a couple of days, the patient no longer feels them during night sleep.

Important notice

The night tombs are easy to maintain, it is recommended to wash it in the morning with a toothbrush and soap/mouthwash, rinsing with clean water.