Surgical tooth extractions

If necessary, we perform tooth extractions, despite the complexity.

A surgical procedure

We offer various types of oral single-root and multi-root and tooth extraction, and 8 tooth extraction. Incision and drainage, alveolitis treatment and suture removal. Medicated gum pocket treatment, curettage and other services.


If necessary, we perform tooth extractions, despite the complexity.

Tooth extraction

The tooth extraction procedure is carried out if it is the most suitable and necessary treatment for the patient. If the tooth is severely damaged or cannot be restored and treated.


The decision on whether the tooth needs extraction is made by the dentist based on the results of the examination and X-ray examination. Tooth extraction is performed under local anesthesia. If the planned extraction proves more difficult, the dentist may expose the gum to allow easier access to the tooth at the start of the procedure. The tooth extraction process is carried out individually for each patient, evaluating all the circumstances in order to perform tooth extraction as quickly as possible. In complex cases, the tooth needs to be split or freed from the bone.

Important notice

If the wound is large or bleeding profusely, sutures are applied to it.
After the extraction, it is recommended not to eat or drink for a couple of hours. After tooth extraction, we encourage you to follow the doctor's recommendations.