Teeth whitening with ZOOM

Well-kept teeth are our pearls that make us rich and special!

About Philips “ZOOM”

Effective and gentle professional teeth whitening with Philips "ZOOM" with speed.


Don't hide behind dark tooth enamel! Each of us dreams of a white and dazzling smile. Even a beautiful smile loses its shine over the years, tooth enamel darkens and there are several reasons for this:


– the effects of everyday foods and drinks. Coffee, tea or wine causes natural teeth staining, losing the light pigment;
– bad habits (smoking, alcohol, unhealthy diet);
– poor oral hygiene;
– hereditary factors;
– long-term use of medication;
– age-related changes.


Philips "ZOOM" is the latest generation professional and gentlest teeth whitening system, which is able to turn tooth enamel up to 8 shades whiter! Significantly reduces the risk of tooth sensitivity during and after the whitening procedure.

ZOOM whitening technologies

– based on the use of a gel with a low content of hydrogen peroxide, which is exposed to ultraviolet radiation;


– the active gel contains calcium phosphate, which fills the voids left by the destroyed pigment. Thanks to this, the enamel is not damaged during the procedure, but on the contrary, it is additionally strengthened.

Teeth whitening procedure

Before the teeth whitening procedure, it is necessary to visit a dental hygienist, who will conduct an examination, making sure that the patient has no contraindications for the procedure. The specialist pays attention to the condition of the gums, the presence of caries or other diseases, performing full oral hygiene.


It is recommended to perform a professional dental hygiene procedure before the teeth whitening procedure.



– the patient is prepared for the procedure;
– the gums are covered and the whitening gel is applied to the teeth;
– “Philips ZOOM!” light on the teeth activates the whitening gel;
– The advanced UV light spectrum lamp activates the whitening gel and does not expose the teeth to heat.


"Philips ZOOM!" The whitening gel has a neutral pH level and contains calcium, a trace element of tooth enamel. Calcium ions, which are part of the gel, help to strengthen the teeth by reducing the sensitivity of the teeth, form a protective layer that not only fills surface microdefects, but also makes the surface of the teeth smoother and shinier.


It should be noted that aesthetic improvements such as fillings, crowns or veneers are not affected by teeth whitening. If the fillings are in an easily visible area, such as in front teeth, it will be necessary to restore them after the "Philips ZOOM" procedure in order to match the shades and obtain an even pigmentation of the teeth.

Important notice

48 hours after the procedure, it is recommended not to consume colored food or drinks - they can leave pigments in the tooth enamel! By properly taking care of the oral cavity on a daily basis, brushing the teeth twice a day, using dental floss and performing dental hygiene - the result remains for 2-5 years. Let your smile inspire!