Teeth whitening

A smile is our wealth that no one can take away!

About teeth whitening

We offer cabinet whitening with the "PolaOffice" method, during which a special hydrogen gel and a helio whitening lamp are used. This whitening procedure can be repeated every six months. This whitening method will be suitable for patients who want to whiten their teeth just a few shades whiter. If the patient wants to intensify and prolong the whitening effect, this method can be continued at home using individually made teeth whitening trays and whitening gel.


This method allows you to control the frequency of teeth whitening to achieve the desired effect, approaching the procedure seriously, because under the influence of excessive use of the whitening gel, you may experience increased sensitivity on the teeth. If you feel discomfort or sensitivity, we invite you to contact your specialist.

Important notice

After teeth whitening, it is recommended not to use bright dyes and concentrates, which are in the composition of several products: red wine, black tea, coffee without milk, curry, turmeric or carbonated soft drinks.