Dental hygienist

About Baiba

Baiba's professional career began in Dentalfix dentistry, starting work in 2018. As Baiba herself says, she is loyal to Dentalfix dentistry.
Baiba has studied at Riga 1st Medical College as a dental technician, later at Riga Stradins University - dental hygienist. Baiba recognises that her calling was to work in the field of dentistry.


Baiba likes to draw and wants to start painting lessons. Baiba is the author of the diplomas used in the clinic, which our little patients receive after their visit. In free moments, enjoy time with nature. She mentions catching beautiful sunsets and sunrises in a beautiful place as his favorite pastime. Likes to travel.


Motto: "Sometimes, said Pooh, the smallest things take up the most space in your heart!" /Winnie the Pooh/

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